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Midland High School

The front of the school, as seen from Eastlawn Drive, proudly displays the chemic emblem and the words "Home of The Chemics."
School to over 1,600 teens, Midland High provides education from grades 9 through 12. Midland High was the first High School in Midland, bringing students from all over the county. The second high school, H.H. Dow High, was built in 1968.

The High School had many previous locations, its last was what is now Central Middle School.

Midland High has three stories and recent additions of a multi purpose wing and science wing provided an increase in classrooms. The million dollar science wing, also built at Dow High, provides students with state of the art technology to explore all of the sciences.
The main entrance to the school greets students from the adjoining parking lot.

Midland High houses the football field, used by both Midland and Dow High, which provides friday night football games attended by many. The Midland/Dow football game is always anticipated during the fall. Midland/Dow rivalry continues to exist and is often the topic of discussion.

The Mission of Midland High School is the following:

"Eyeball Alley," is a common place where students congregate during lunch and before and after school.

"We believe in providing the opportunity for all students to be partners in a quality education which fosters the development of the individual talents and promotes emotional and physical well-being."

Midland High not only prepares its students for the future, but also provides them with after school activities, such as numerous sports and clubs.

For more information on faculty, sports and schedules, please visit the Midland High website.

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