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  • Maxwell throws costly pick, Spartans lose
    Sunday, October 14

    Midland's Maxwell was 12-31 passing
    with 179  yards and 1 interception.

    MSU suffered its third home loss of the season, 19-16 in double overtime to Iowa on Saturday.

    Quarterback Andrew Maxwell's pass was tipped at the line and then went off the hands of wide receiver Keith Mumphery before Iowa's Greg Castillo came down with the ball to seal the Hawkeyes' victory.

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  • Chemics dominate Warriors 42-15
    Saturday, October 13

    Bay City Western's Mason Myers
    Midland quarterback Alec Johnson near perfect as Chemics topple Bay City Western in Saginaw Valley League showdown

    After losing only five league games in the past five seasons - and having no championships to show for it the No. 2-ranked Chemics finally had their feast with a stunning 42-15 romp over No. 6 Western to clinch at least a share of the Saginaw Valley League North Division crown.

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  • Tennis: Midland advances to state finals
    Friday, October 12

    The Midland high tennis team qualified for the MHSAA State Tournament by taking 2nd place yesterday in the nine team regional.

    The Chemics dominated with their singles lineup, as top seeds Luke Mills, Jonathan Hentschel, and Drew Davis all went 3-0 to win their flights.

    Read more at Chemics.net

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  • Tennis: Chargers sweep Regionals
    Friday, October 12

    The Chargers swept regionals Thursday without dropping a set. This makes four regional wins in a row for the Chargers. Next up is the State tournament next Friday, where the Chargers hope to repeat the regional performance by winning its fourth straight title.

    "I keep thinking there are no new records that this senior class can break!", exclaimed coach Terry Schwartzkopf. "... but they keep finding things. For the first time, they have swept regionals. This class is amazing."

    Complete Results
    1S John Templeman (12)
    Def Zach Peters of St. Johns 6-2, 6-3
    Def Eric DeWitt of East Lansing 6-1, 6-2
    Def Elan Dantus of Okemos 6-0, 6-1

    2S Austin Woody (12)
    Def Paul Sochor of St. Johns 6-0, 6-0
    Def Jack Leach of Bay City Western 6-0, 6-1
    Def Jordan Jacobsen of Okemos 6-4, 6-1

    3S Julian Guerra (11)
    Def Danny Lawrence of Mt. Pleasant 6-1, 6-1
    Def Grant Williams of East Lansing 6-0, 6-1
    Def Mazon Oweiss of Okemos 6-3, 6-1

    4S Michael Szabo (9)
    Def Conner Sergent of Owosso 6-0, 6-0
    Def Alex Murray of St. Johns 6-0, 6-0
    Def Nikhil Pasula of Okemos 6-0, 6-2

    1D Jason Chang (11)/ Vikram Shanker (11)
    Def Will Laughner/Greg Knight of Bay City Western 6-0, 6-0
    Def Danny Kozlowksi/Eddy Trudeau of Mt. Pleasant 6-0, 6-0
    Def Chad McFee/Sam Cawood of East Lansing 6-1, 6-4

    2D Colin Angell (9)/ David Goslin (12)
    Def Hayden Carey/Ian Clark of Mt. Pleasant 6-3, 6-1
    Def Brenden Labar/Ericson Hufnagel of St. Johns 6-1, 6-0
    Def Steven Wu/Ritwik Biswas of Okemos 6-1, 6-1

    3D Mark Gorte (12)/Patrick Eschbach (11)
    Def Holland/Stamper from Jackson 6-0, 6-0
    Def Brock Labar/Mitchell Gasda of St. Johns 6-0, 6-0
    Def Sahil Suini/Noah White of East Lansing 6-0, 6-2

    4D David Read(12)/Andrew Camp(12)
    Def William Richardson/Joel Werner of St. Johns 6-1, 6-0
    Def Anthony Bruma/Yong Los of Mt. Pleasant 6-0, 6-0
    Def Kevin Hutsell/Ross Lazar of Okemos 6-2, 6-4

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  • Swimming: Dow High dominates dual meet
    Friday, October 12

    2012 Girls Alma, Dow, Mt Pleasant - 10/11/2012

    Final Meet Score of Double Dual Meet
    Dow High's Dual Meet Record is 11-0

    Midland Dow 144
    Mt Pleasant 26

    Midland Dow 120
    Alma High 55

    D2 is a Division 2 State Qualifying Time
    2012 Girls Alma, Dow, Mt Pleasant - 10/11/2012
    Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay
    1, Midland Dow 'A' (Maraskine, Emily L 17, Shirk, Julie M 17, Dean, Ellie,Dean, Kara J 16), 1:58.90 D2.

    2, Alma 'A' (Lowe, Laura E 16, Duffy, Katie L 17, Vandemark, Lillian H 17, Kovac, Kaleigh N 16), 1:59.52 D2.

    3, Midland Dow 'B' (Arthur, Emily , Hall, Lauren , Bruneau, Bridget , Lee, Jenna ), 2:08.49.

    4, Alma 'B' (Wentworth, Ashton L 17, Kolb, Emily E 14, Walsh, Natalie C 17, LeMasters, Kaitlyn M 16), 2:11.07.

    5, Midland Dow 'C' (Gombosi, Claire , Bouck, Emma , Hyde, Clare , Laplow, Sydney ), 2:19.99.

    6, Midland Dow 'E' (Pirie, Mackenzie , Partlo, Megan , Roberson, Amber , Saggers, Madeline ), 2:25.22.

    Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
    1, Purtell, Jasmine, MDOW, 2:06.24.
    2, Laffoon, Grace E, ALMA, 2:14.31.
    3, Pirie, Mackenzie, MDOW, 2:25.00.
    4, Ballard, Kelly, MDOW, 2:27.72.
    5, Henrie,Abby, MPHS, 2:34.32.
    6, Pisarczyk, Megan, MDOW, 2:35.05.

    Girls 200 Yard IM
    1, Dean, Ellie, MDOW, 2:21.96.
    2, Vandemark, Lillian H, ALMA, 2:23.70.
    3, Maraskine, Elizabeth, MDOW, 2:32.47.
    4, Gombosi, Claire, MDOW, 2:33.21.
    5, Lowe, Laura E, ALMA, 2:33.41.
    6, Hyde, Clare, MDOW, 2:37.78.

    Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
    1, Maraskine, Emily L, MDOW, 25.25 D2.
    2, Kovac, Kaleigh N, ALMA, 26.59.
    3, Wentworth, Ashton L, ALMA, 27.13.
    4, Hall, Lauren, MDOW, 28.00.
    5, Walsh, Natalie C, ALMA, 28.12.
    6, Bruneau, Bridget, MDOW, 28.29.

    Girls 1 mtr Diving
    1, Bailey, Kathleen, MDOW, 121.85.

    Girls 100 Yard Butterfly
    1, Dean, Kara J, MDOW, 1:01.76 D2.
    2, Maraskine, Emily L, MDOW, 1:05.47.
    3, Wentworth, Ashton L, ALMA, 1:08.88.
    4, McDonald, Erin, MDOW, 1:09.95.
    5, Laffoon, Grace E, ALMA, 1:11.01.
    6, Lee, Jenna, MDOW, 1:16.48.
    6, Arthur, Emily, MDOW, 1:16.48.

    Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
    1, Hall, Lauren, MDOW, 59.99.
    2, Durisin, Emily, MDOW, 1:00.81.
    3, Livingston, Maddie, MPHS, 1:01.11.
    4, Duffy, Katie L, ALMA, 1:03.52.
    5, Shirk, Julie M, MDOW, 1:04.88.
    6, Moolenaar, AnnMarie, MDOW, 1:08.62.

    Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
    1, Kovac, Kaleigh N, ALMA, 5:44.84.
    2, Walsh, Natalie C, ALMA, 5:59.37.
    3, Bruneau, Bridget, MDOW, 6:29.75.
    4, McLaughlin, Samantha, MDOW, 6:33.58.
    5, LeMasters, Kaitlyn M, ALMA, 6:45.09.
    6, Saggers, Madeline, MDOW, 7:01.24.

    Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
    1, Midland Dow 'A' (Purtell, Jasmine , Durisin, Emily , McDonald, Erin, Arthur, Emily ), 1:52.20.

    2, Midland Dow 'B' (Maraskine, Elizabeth, Ballard, Kelly , McLaughlin, Samantha , Pirie, Mackenzie ), 2:00.37.

    3, Midland Dow 'C' (Tobin, Jessica , Partlo, Megan , Bouck, Emma , Nugent, Piper ), 2:03.42.

    4, Alma 'A' (Laffoon, Grace E 15, LeMasters, Kaitlyn M 16, Rosales, Therese 14, Gilkins, Jeanette 15), 2:06.83.

    5, Mt Pleasant High School 'A' (Henrie, Abby 16, Keller, Sarah 16, Geisthardt, Abby 16, Hofmaster, Lizz 15), 2:08.48.

    6, Mt Pleasant High School 'B' (Henrie, Colleen 14, Layton, Alyssa 13, Miyoshi, Yuka 14, Schafer, Shirley 14), 2:18.32.

    Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
    1, Dean, Kara J, MDOW, 1:04.57.
    2, Dean, Ellie, MDOW, 1:06.12.
    3, Lowe, Laura E, ALMA, 1:06.13.
    4, Livingston, Maddie, MPHS, 1:10.59.
    5, Lee, Jenna, MDOW, 1:12.45.
    6, Gombosi, Claire, MDOW, 1:12.90.

    Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke
    1, Shirk, Julie M, MDOW, 1:14.51.
    2, Duffy, Katie L, ALMA, 1:16.18.
    3, Purtell, Jasmine, MDOW, 1:16.60.
    4, McDonald, Erin, MDOW, 1:21.08.
    5, Durisin, Emily, MDOW, 1:22.67.
    6, Maraskine, Elizabeth, MDOW, 1:22.89.

    Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
    1, Midland Dow 'A' (Dean, Ellie , Dean, Kara J 16, Maraskine, Emily L 17, Purtell, Jasmine ), 3:55.03.

    2, Alma 'B' (Walsh, Natalie C 17, Kovac, KaleighN 16, Wentworth, Ashton L 17, Lowe, Laura E 16), 4:00.58.

    3, Midland Dow 'B' (Hall, Lauren , Durisin, Emily , McDonald, Erin , Maraskine, Elizabeth ), 4:06.57.

    4, Midland Dow 'C' (Bruneau, Bridget , Shirk, Julie M 17, Lee, Jenna, Gombosi, Claire ), 4:22.46.

    5, Alma 'A' (Rosales, Therese 14, Laffoon, Grace E 15, Kolb, Emily E 14, Duffy, Katie L 17), 4:28.44.

    6, Midland Dow 'F' (Moolenaar, AnnMarie , Allsop, Anna , Nugent, Piper , Pisarczyk, Megan ), 4:45.71.

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  • Dow swims past BC Western
    Thursday, October 11

    Meet held Tuesday, October 9 at Bay City Western

    Dow High - 117
    BC Western - 66

    200 Yard Medley Relay
    1. Dow 'A' (Mary Noble, Lauren Hall, Julia Ahrns, Jasmine Purtell) 1:58.89
    3. Dow B' (Elizabeth Maraskine, Erin McDonald, Rachel Arthur, Jenna Lee) 2:10.03

    200 Freestyle
    1. Krissy Harmon, BCW, 1:58.10
    2. Kara Dean, Dow 1:58.61
    3. Elizabeth Maraskine, Dow 2:14.58

    200 Individual Medley
    1. Emily Maraskine, Dow 2:19.78
    2. Purtell, Dow 2:20.94

    50 Freestyle
    1. Chelsea Harmon, BCW 25.96
    3. Ellie Dean, Dow 27.08

    1. Brandi Meyer, BCW 137.55
    3. Kathleen Bailey, Dow 125.25

    1. Ahrns, Dow 1:01
    3. Noble, Dow 1:02.63

    100 Freestyle
    1. Kara Dean, Dow 55.22
    3. Purtell, Dow 58.84

    500 Freestyle
    1. Ellie Dean, Dow 5:19.25
    3. Hall, Dow 5:44.57

    200 Yard Freestyle
    1. Dow A (Emily Binns, Ahrns, Ellie Dean, Kara Dean) 1:48.90
    2. Dow B (Lee, Emily Arthur, Elizabeth Maraskine, Rachel Arthur) 1:54.36

    100 Backstroke
    1. Krissy Harmon, BCW 1:01.88
    2. Emily Maraskine, Dow 1:02.04
    3. Noble, Dow 1:05.82

    100 Breaststroke
    1. Ahrns, Dow 1:16.61
    2. Hall, Dow 1:16.68
    3. Clare Hyde, Dow 1:19.17

    400 Freestyle Relay
    1. Dow A (Kara Dean, Purtell, Ellie Dean, Emily Maraskine) 3:47.94

    Read more at Midland Daily News

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  • Vball: Chemics beat Heritage, improve to 6-0
    Thursday, October 11

    Saginaw Heritage gave the host Chemics perhaps their toughest test in Valley play so far on Tuesday before Midland finally put the Hawks away 25-21, 25-9, 23-25, 25-15. Midland improved to 6-0 in the SVL, with only an Oct. 23 match at Dow High standing between the Chemics and a third straight perfect league slate.

    Read more at Midland Daily News

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  • Vball: Dow freshmen go 2-1 at Quad
    Wednesday, October 10

    Dow High freshman volleyball went 2-1 at the Freshman Volleyball Quad on Monday at Pinconning High School. Dow (23-6-4) lost to Valley Lutheran before defeating Pinconning and Whittemore Prescott.

    Dow High vs. Valley Lutheran
    Dow - 27, Valley Lutheran - 25
    Dow - 23, Valley Lutheran - 25
    Dow - 14, Valley Lutheran - 16

    Dow High vs. Pinconning
    Dow - 25, Pinconning - 16
    Dow - 25, Pinconning - 9

    Dow High vs. Whittemore Prescott
    Dow - 25, Whittemore Prescott - 10
    Dow - 25, Whittemore Prescott - 5

    Ashley Brenton - 6 Digs
    Arianna Hempfling - 16 Aces, 4 Blocks, 6 Kills
    Amanda Jones - 12 Digs
    Alyssa Spurling - 14 Aces, 23 Assists, 1 Dig
    Brittany Ammerman - 4 Kills
    Karina Moe - 4 Digs

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  • Midland's Elmer to play in All-American Bowl
    Tuesday, October 9

    Steve Elmer of Midland High has been selected to play in the 2013 U.S. Army All-American Bowl game at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The January 5, 2013 game will feature the nation's top 90 high school football players.

    Steve is a talented athlete whose leadership and teamwork qualities have made him a standout at Midland High School," said John Myers, Director of Marketing, Army Marketing and Research Group. "Only the strongest wear the Army colors, and Steve possesses mental, emotional and physical strengths similar to the Army Strong Soldier, that have afforded him that honor. We are proud to welcome all of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl players and commend each of them on their selection.

    As a result of Elmer being selected to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, his head coach Eric Methner is invited to travel to San Antonio and attend the U.S. Army Coaches Academy, an elite three-day learning experience featuring NFL coaches, as well as participate in bowl-week activities.

    Read more at Chemics.net

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  • Northwood loses to SVSU in Axe Bowl
    Monday, October 8

    NU's Cameron Jackson
    The Timberwolves gave a disappointing encore performance against No. 15 Saginaw Valley State in Saturday's Axe Bowl.

    Northwood (4-2 overall, 3-2 GLIAC) blew chance after chance in a 28-20 Cardinals' victory at Hantz Stadium.

    Read more at Midland Daily News

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  • Equestrian: Dow headed to state meet
    Monday, October 8

    Dow High's equestrian team followed up its recent district championship with a Division A regional title last weekend, winning the regional meet with 547 points. The Chargers advance to the MIHA state meet Oct. 11-14 at the Midland County Fairgrounds.

    Read more at Midland Daily News

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  • Vball: Midland wins Grand Ledge invite
    Monday, October 8

    The Midland High volleyball team only lost one game all afternoon en route to winning the Grand Ledge Invitational on Saturday. Overall, the Chemics went 5-0 with their only set loss coming in the finals against Ladywood. The Chemics (36-8) defeated Ladywood in the finals by scores of 20-25, 25-21, 15-6.

    Read more at Midland Daily News

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  • Tennis: Dow takes 3rd at Power Quad
    Sunday, October 7

    Dow came in third behind Detroit Country Day and Ann Arbor Huron Saturday at the Power Quad, ending its season with a 17-2 record.  Remaining undefeated on the season, however, is Austin Woody, Jason Chang, and Vikram Shanker.  Dow High next plays at the Regional in East Lansing on Thursday.

    "This quad is about growth and refocusing our team for the purpose of the season...a state championship," said Coach Terry Schwartzkopf. "We are not infallible.  We can be beaten. It is a nice reminder for them after such a successful season."

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  • Maxwell, Spartans rally for win
    Sunday, October 7

    Midland's Maxwell completes a
    pass Saturday against Indiana
    Andrew Maxwell led MSU back from a surprising 17-0 deficit Saturday to defeat the Indiana Hoosiers on the road 31-27 for their first Big Ten victory of the season.

    Maxwell finished 24 of 40 for a career-high 290 yards and two touchdowns. It was Maxwell's fifth consecutive game without a turnover.

    Michigan State also trailed 27-14 at the half. The Spartans avoided their second straight Big Ten defeat and their first loss to the Hoosiers since 2006.

    Read more at MLive

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  • Chemics shut out Saginaw 24-0
    Saturday, October 6

    Midland High sits at 7-0 after rolling over Saginaw 24-0 to put a damper on the Trojans' Homecoming festivities Friday night.

    The Chemics showed why they're the second ranked team in the state as they put on a defensive clinic against the Trojans.

    While the final score provided the results, the box score supplied the details. Midland held Saginaw to only 97 yards of total offense, with only 10 of those yards coming through the air. The Chemics focused their defense on Saginaw High dual threat quarterback and homecoming king, Darius Price, as he went 2-6 while carrying the ball 13 times for -14 yards.

    Read more at MLive

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  • Vball: Chemics sweep Carman-Ainsworth
    Friday, October 5

    Tori Blake opened the match with 11 consecutive service points as Midland High got the kind of start it was looking for in a 25-16, 25-23, 25-23 nonleague volleyball win over visiting Flint Carman-Ainsworth on Thursday. Midland (31-8) is at the Grand Ledge tournament on Saturday.

    Read more at Midland Daily News

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  • 2012 SVL Soccer Tourney bracket set
    Friday, October 5

    The first ever Saginaw Valley League boys soccer tournament will take place on Saturday, October 6th at Bay City Western High School. The Chemics (#2 SVL South) will open play against SVL South #3 seed Flushing at 10:15 am.

    Read more at Chemics.net

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